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Malnutrition    is    a    major    problem    especially    among    children    in    developing    countries    including    Benin. 
Consumption  of  nutritious  snacks  could    help    to    reduce    this  situation  especially  among  school  children.  These 
children  are  known  to  consume  an  important  quantity  of  snacks  such  as  biscuit,  which  are  in  the  most  of  cases 
imported.  This  situation  of importing  biscuit  do  not  allow  creating local  jobs for young.  To face  this  challenge,  this 
business has the mission to produce and market 3000 kg per year of malted-sorghum-soybean biscuit enriched with 
baobab  fruit  pulp  to  create local  jobs while  ensuring  nutritional  security  among  children.  It  will  allow  valorizing  the 
local food ingredients especially sorghum, soybean and baobab fruit pulp. These ingredients will be purchased from 
local population while ensuring a benefit for local people (income generation). The enterprise will be installed at Glo-
Djigbé in Abomey-Calavi (Southern Benin) with a vision to produce 6000 kg per year of biscuit in 2023 and become a 
reference  in  pastry. Abomey-calavi  is  the  second  big  municipality  of  Benin  where  people  are  known  to  have  an 
appreciate  purchase  power. Different  social groups are  present  in  this  municipality.  A  distribution  channel  will  be 
installed across the country to ensure the availability and the accessibility of the developed enrich malted sorghum-
soybean biscuit. One BICOF shop will be installed respectively in Northern Benin (Natitingou) and in Central Benin 
(Dassa-Zoumè).  Public  degustation  across  the  country  (Natitingou,  Abomey-Calavi  and  Dassa-Zoumè)  will  be 
performed as a promotion strategy of BICOF. During these public degustation events, the consumers’ willingness to 
pay  the  enriched  biscuit  will  be  collected  (market  survey).  The  enterprise  will  also  provide  a  service  to  local 
population of Abomey-Calavi.  Local population of Abomey-Calavi can grind the cereals (ie maize) they use for the 
paste  in  their  household.  Finally,  property  right  and  local  certification  procedures  for  BICOF  will  be  fulfilled. 

Founder: Affonfere Marius
Location: Benin
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Start Up Stage
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