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The program is open to all aspiring innovators, entrepreneurs, business owners from Africa within the stipulated age bracket (<35 years at the time of application).

Mentors are generally persons with established experience in business and training processes. We encourage mentors to provide their summarized bio-information and profile for ease of assessment as mentors. It is a voluntary process and service as part of giving back to society and nurturing a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa. Mentors are free to join from any country and continent.

Investors registering need to prove they have the resources required to support the innovative ideas shared by the young innovators/entrepreneurs. Investors willing to collaborate can contact us directly through the stated email contact address. Investors are encouraged to review the business profiles to ease discussion.

As an entrepreneur, by joining this SMEHUB platform you will have access to apply to various funding opportunities by either RUFORUM or other partners and get in touch with mentors in your specific field as way of growing your business. You will also have access to the space and its resources are available to all users. SMEHUB platform provides a number of benefits over and above, including opportunities for networking and collaborating with other users of the small business community.

Once you have registered into the SMEHUB platform. Your profile will be reviewed by the Admin and once you have been verified by the admin, you will be able to see all the calls for application by RUFORUM or other partners and investors once you meet the criteria.

Our platform targets startups offering innovative solutions to improve the productivity of the agriculture sector in a sustainable way. We seek for innovative ideas that solve the community problems related to agricultural value chain and job creation. Other innovative enterprises are equally welcome!

Our platform targets youth led enterprises for persons but are open to all start-ups that seek growth and mentorship support across Africa.

Joining RUFORUM SMEHUB is very easy! What you need is to fill out the electronic online form. When you fill the form you will be able to specify if you are joining either as an entrepreneur, Mentor or Investor.

The access to the SMEHUB platform is 24 hours, 7 days/week

If you are having challenges in using the SMEHUB platform, write us an email with the screenshot of your issues and you will be assisted within the working days (from Monday to Friday). Comments sent in over the weekends may experience some delays as the officials may not be on duty, in that case we request for your patience!

When you want to get in touch with mentors, you can message the mentor of your choice on the platform and book a meeting and the mentor will be able to see your request and approve for being able to touch and organise video meeting through Facebook and/or any other online platform as agreed with your mentor.

After attending the online training in the platform, the system will provide for you a certificate that you can be able to print or save as a PDF.

This platform is also linked with an accounting platform that helps us to track your finances and Investors can be able to see only the information you put public and upon request. As part of our process, we will research the industry sector, then review your financials and carry out a desktop off market valuation that provides you with a guide range of valuations and confidence that you are entering the process with a high degree of confidence that we will achieve your desired aspirations. Detailed valuations have to be done on request by the entrepreneur himself/herself. Our technical team at the Secretariat and/or mentors will be able to do that for you without charging you.

RUFORUM SMEHUB takes confidentiality very seriously. Throughout the process, confidentiality remains high on the agenda and is taken into account at every stage. The platform does not release business private information. Information that will be used from the enterprises enrolled relates to; total number of businesses enrolled, total number of jobs created, total revenues generated and countries of origin, gender of entrepreneurs. This information is in aggregate without putting into jeopardy any individual information and/or any business trade secrets. Should there be need for any specific information related to an individual enterprise, consent shall be sought from the enterprise owner.