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iCreateit is the third program within the company and it concentrates on coaching and training individuals in Liberia, West Africa, on how to create solutions to lifestyle problems within communities and cities. This program consists of master classes that follows a specific curriculum and focuses on teaching real concepts for creators to learn and turn into action. 


There are many problems that the different communities face all across Liberia. In various communities and cities, people face daily living obstacles such as unreliable electricity, improper drainage/sewer system, ineffective waste system, bad roads, no solid transportation, the lack of properly cleaned water, no mailing system, unstable air cooling systems, etc. This interferes with the ease and quality of life that citizens of Liberia could potentially be experiencing. 

Our solution

We believe that when the mindset is changed and taught possibilities of long lasting solutions to any problem, the result to follow becomes astounding. We are in the business of properly shaping the minds of individuals to create solutions for problems the masses face in their daily living and businesses. iCreatit mission is to encourage business establishment by providing training, masterclasses and coaching that supports the creation of and sustains legitimate ventures. 

Founder: Alfreda Rambal
Location: United States
Sector: Education
Stage: Start Up Stage
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