Profile : Gordon's Agricultural Organisation-Uganda(GAO-UG) Limited

Gordon’s Agricultural organization-Uganda (GAO-UG) limited  operates  directly with smallholders farmers  at grassroot level. Farmers organised under groups/associations /cooperatives and registered with the subcounty  for legalization,agricultural inputs,farm implements and tools of their interest are collected from each farmers from their respective groups.The company therefore avails the agricultural inputs according to the farmers interest  in the office and supply to each group at relatively affordable price.

All trainings/extension services/capacity building are provided to the farmers at group levels by the committed staffs throughout the production season.After the harvest, the company purchases the farmers produce at relatively better prices then the company sells to local /international market

The need for thecompany ; Community has been for along time facing the following barriers,

1. Inadquate supply and accessibility of high  quality agricultural inputs

2.High cost od Agricultural inputs

3.Lagging behind in Agricultural technological advancement and inadaquate extension services.

4.Overexpliotation(tagging high prices) by middlemen who supply the few agricultural inputs even late forexample in the middle of the season thus increasing the production cost for the farmers.

5.Indquate market for Agricultural produce hence forcing  farmers  to sell their produce at lower price.


The intervention of GAO-UG LIMITED  will draw closer all agricultural inputs required by farmers for production at their reach at grassroot levels at relatively cheaper prices on time,with the help of commited staffs to provide relevant extension services and help in building the capacity of farmers and provide ready market to farmers for their produce.

The fundamental part of our new intervention is focussing on the farmersforexample creating awareness to the farmers inorder to let them know that services that they have been lacking for quite along time is now at their reach so that they can uterlised effectively.


Northern region of Uganda being generally naturally fertile and conduceive for agricultural production

we expect that through this intervention,food insecurity will be reduced by 50% ,inreased in the income levels by 40% which will automatically reducethe levels of poverty hence improving livilihoods





Founder: Akejo Gordon Victor
Location: Uganda
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Start Up Stage
Website: null
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