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Planet and People Profile
Planet and People is a youth led organization. It was duly registered as required by the laws
of Kenya and became into operation in 7 th May, 2020. It is located in Mtwapa, Kilifi County
and operating within its locale. The founding members are professionals, scholars, business
minded, environmental intellects and implementers for environmental sound innovations
from diverse ethnic background and community who take pride in providing solutions in
achieving sustainable development goals (SDG) and the Kenyan VISION 2030. The Planet
and People organization aims at achieving sustainable development through investing in the
capacities of the youth, and the community through knowledge transfer, empowerment and
technology improvement integration. This is after realizing the niche of interconnection
between the social, economical and environmental needs in achieving overall sustenance in
the pursuit for daily needs. The huge potential of integrating the three key pillars of
sustainable development gave birth to the organization. The organization invests largely in
sustainable livelihoods, climate change, environment management, governance, community
development and research programmes. These programmes are the key drivers in bringing
and achieving the desired change and output in the working environment. Ethical values
including professionalism, integrity, equity, inclusivity, environmental sensitivity and uphold
of humanity are key in the implementation of the programmes.
To foster well-being improvement of the social and environmental aspects through economic
To be an exemplary youth led organization aspiring to achieve sustenance in the social,
economic and environmental aspects revolving around its well-being.
Aims/ Objective
1. To employ scientific based approaches and based facts/ evidences in the
implementation of programmes/ activities
2. To promote and implement viable alternative sources of livelihood
3. To advocate for environmental and societal governance in the pursuit for named cases
4. To provide professional services in achieving sustainable development

Founder: Allan kiptanui kimisto
Location: Kenya
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Start Up Stage
Website: null
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