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In Innovamp we discovered some of the problems affecting African Healthcare system by conducting surveys and studies to include inadequate Human Resources, Poor budgetary allocations, Poor Leadership and Management- Obinna Oleribe, Jenny Momoh et al.

through survey conducted across 18 Pharmacy Schools in Nigeria, we listed lack of proper financing, Poor study materials, bulky curriculum (relative to poor time management) etc

also there little opportunity for Team Building  and networking (thus resulting to low Intra and inter professional relationship as soon among Practising Professionals)

Our team of Healthcare Professionals come together to brainstorm and create solutions to these beaming issues in other to promote practice for colleagues across Africa.

Our Activities:

1) training of Health Professionals/Undergraduates on Leadership,Entrepreneurship, Management and Employability Skills to improve their value addition to the Healthcare system.

By hosting Free/Paid Trainings (Virtual and In person) on topics related to professional and Personal Development, Such as : Time Management, Team Building, Personal Assesment, Customer Care Services, Basic Supply Chain and Logistics, Critical Thinking,Problem Solving, Ideation etc.

2) We Create/invent  tools to promote and ease affordable  learning for Undergraduates in different medical portfolios across Universities (Starting) in Nigeria.

we invented “Pharmaset” a Clinical tool kit to promote easy and affordable use of Modern Pharmaceutical laboratories across the world.

we use whiteboard and 3D animations to summarise different topics and notes related to medical courses for easy access on youtube to ease learning.

we host Study Challenges For Undergraduates virtually via Applications such as Telegram and WhatsApp.

we invented Time pal; a tool to promote time management for Medical Undergraduates.

we are currently developing an Exchange Program for Medical students across African Countries to be mentored by Professionals in Diaspora.

to ensure Sustainability we have representatives across Universities in Nigeria(for a start) who deliver our services and anchor our activities in represented schools.

we have trained more than 5000 Young Undergraduates across Africa for free within the period 18th of August,2020 and Now.

We won the Pharmacy Affairs Innovative Award,2020 in Nigeria for appreciation of our activities and contribution to the African Healthcare Sector.

Public Health Interventions : this area is still undergoing ideation as we hope to produce sustainable Public Health care interventions in Rural Communities by partering with Pharmaceutical Industries, Community Pharmacists, agencies and Individuals to carry our Bi yearly community Interventions in rural areas.





Founder: Okoli Ebere Angela
Location: Nigeria
Sector: Education
Stage: Start Up Stage
Website: null
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