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It will be a web/mobile/USSD based platform for connecting online stores, Retailers, wholesalers and supermarkets with customers around the world. Customers will be buying goods from our client’s online shop on our platform or be linked to client’s online shop or virtual shop through video call, where customers will be linked to virtual shop attendants in the online shop of their choice in one platform.

Online shopping mode allows stores to upload and update their stock list on the platform throughout or permit use of their online shop link to direct customers to their individual online stores. Our system will automatically give suggestions on nearby supermarkets when a customer logs in, as well as providing suggestions on the best pricing store for the entire purchase order. Customers will be adding carts for items of their choice and when purchase order is complete, they will be required to making digital payment. After packaging the customer will decide to collect the items or the store can deliver through freelance transporters at a little transport fee.

Virtual shopping mode allows shopping dial in or get video calls from the customer to the virtual store attendant. The virtual store/shop attendant will take the online virtual shopper through a virtual tour of the store/shop, locating, verifying and picking items into the shoppers’ cart as desired, billing is done at cashiers’ desk, virtual buyer pays through digital cash and lastly, packaging and labelling of the good is done awaiting customer to pick up or the customer pays for doorstep delivery of the goods. The virtual store/shop attendants will have Bluetooth goggle cameras fitted with microphones and earphones. When a customer dials in or video calls the selected store/shop will assign him or her to a free virtual attendant or queue her/him if all virtual attendants are busy.

USSD mode will allow customers to dial are USSD code and selects the goods they would like to buy, then the system will automatically select store/shops with those items. Customer will be required to choose the store/shop to purchase from, after which our system relays the purchase order to the chosen store/shop. After packaging the customer will be notified with information on mode of payment and the account details. After payment the customer will be required to send payment code to the store/shop for verification, then customer will be required to decide whether to collect the goods or delivery to be made.

The platform will have freelance tax/pick-ups and motorcycles which will be shipping good to customers after paying delivery charge. Customers will have to choose between two delivery modes, that is, single delivery where freelance driver delivers good direct to that one customer though its expensive or collective delivery where one freelancer driver delivers goods to different customers at a lower cost.

Founder: Benjamin Mutinda Mutua
Location: Kenya
Sector: E-Commerce
Stage: Idea Stage
Website: null
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