Profile : Chikumbutso Chibwinja

Agrinet has two agriculture departments which are agriculture extension and marketing services department

In response to poor agriculture extension and advisory services in Malawi. Agrinet developed agriculture extension and advisory services department which has mapped the graduates from agriculture universities over 252 as standy by agriculture specialists who are helping farmers in all 28 districts on zero operational cost since when the farmer need any help he/she simply report to the Agrinet office through phone contacts and standy by agriculture specialist within his geographical area is assigned to him to help him through on farm consultation on paid service to cover transport and allowance for the stand by agriculture specialist since they are not paid on monthly basis.

In response to lack of the agricultural markets in Malawi. Agrinet has implemented Agrinet Meseji Msika which is the platform which has all main players of agriculture markets from  farmers, consumers, middleman and agriculture based companies who submit for  free what they are selling or buying at national level. This makes Agrinet to have national agricultural market news on daily basis and the details are sent to the monthly premium subscribers of Agrinet Meseji Msika who we subscribe with K1000 per month (1.2 USD) and that's Agrinet does not deduct any commission from successful transaction.

Founder: Chikumbutso Chibwinja
Location: Malawi
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Start Up Stage
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