Eco Banana Initiative Co. Ltd is registered company adding value to green banana plantain and supported by Bishop Stuart University Agribusiness Incubation Hub.

The company intends to be a manufacturer and processor of different foods for human and animal, Fertilizer, banana bakery products got from green banana plantain. We have prioritized in the field of environmental protection through organic fertilizers and food security and malnutrition through production of long life shelf banana based foods.

Famers are facing lack of market for fresh banana in the plentiful seasons, thus a huge market waste. Banana farming comminutes are facing malnutrition and poverty as they miss out on income from their hard-work, being the commercial activity in these communities, a source of livelihood.

Our products are completely unique from others in the market because; Are preserved naturally. Due to the mixture of different food ingredients in banana flour like mushroom, soya and millet, this gives my products a variety of nutrients for human balanced diet.

The banana flour is free gluten that helps most of my customers directly bake without using wheat flour.

Because we use solar dryer to dry our banana, there is no nutrient lost in the atmosphere as many dry on direct sunlight.

Environmental friendly through supporting organic farming by use of organic fertilizer.


A lot of green banana are put to waste in the market during the bumper season and banana farmers record many losses because they use a lot of capital to produce banana. Uganda is the second leading country producing green banana plantain after India in the whole world. There is abundancy of banana production in western Uganda during the bumper season (June to September and February to April) every year while a lot goes to waste in the market due to high production leading to reduced prices. In 2017, Isingiro district the food basket and the leading producer of banana in Uganda sunk into hunger, which led many lives dead. Farmers experience no or less market for their banana during bumper season, which results into high loses, food insecurity and inaccessibility and low market prices.


Eco Banana Initiative Company Limited has innovated to add value to green banana plantain and produce banana flour, which is used for food and food security mitigation, production of baking products, turning banana peels into animal feeds and organic fertilizer, briquettes and drinking tea. Eco Banana Initiative Company Limited under banana value addition is working hard to look for accessible market for banana products, expand banana products in the market by creating different supplying outlets for banana accessibility and train farmers on how to preserve banana to reduce losses before reaching into the market and increase their income.


Our vision is to have a stable and sustainable banana market chain through value addition.


Is to have communities engaged in banana value chain to overcome market losses and ensure food security for communities to have better standards of living.

Location: Uganda
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Start Up Stage
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