EHENA FOODS company focuses on creation of partnerships with the casssava growing counties in Kenya especially Kilifi, Taita-Taveta, Kwale, kitui, Busia and Homabay. The company has developed a model of contracting the cassava farmers ( targeting the women and Youth) to be the suppliers of cassava roots. Cassava roots is the companies primary raw material. The company focuses on minimizing cassava roots post harvest losses by creating a wide range of utilization of cassava roots. The main aim is to increase the availability of the crop and further increase the crops economic value. 

EHENA FOODS has a wide range of products ranging from blended nutritriuos flours and  cassava flour baked products. The company, sources raw cassava roots, drys the roots into cassava chips which are further milled into flour. The cassava flour is then channeled to variuos product lines. The flour is packaged and retailed as pure cassava flour. The pure cassava flour is used for home baking and preparing of ugali. The second line of products is EHENA FOODs baked products such as short cakes, Bread, Biscuits and Dooghnuts.

Cassava roots being a rich source of starch and low in proteins, EHENA FOODS through enrichment and fortification creates Nutritiuos flour blends. The company has formulated healthy porridge drinks which are rich in proteins, zinc and iron. 

Founder: Samwel Ochieng Onyango
Location: Kenya
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Start Up Stage
Website: null
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