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MukulimaSoko is a Swahili expression, and in French: Mukulima means farmer and Soko means market.

MukulimaSoko is a digital agricultural trading center that offers several advantages to the players in the sector including: 
Soko: E-commerce through the grouping of agricultural products for common sale through virtual and physical agricultural relay warehouses in the production environment.

Mukulima_Invest: Connecting citizens looking to invest with farmers in need of funds. A space that allows citizens to invest collectively in farming activities by subscribing online to shares or at least to take part in a farmer's capital, and thus become a shareholder and obtain interesting profits within 1 to 5 years.

Agri_Lab: provision of a unique Directory of technicians, agronomists, clinics and veterinary pharmacies, coupled with an agricultural library where farmers can freely diagnose diseases that attack their crops via access to a text, audio and visual library describing the pests of certain plants and crops.  An agricultural self-help network to have complete information about pest diseases and advice on good agricultural practices and take the best solutions.

Founder: Mbumba Lapaque
Location: Congo - Kinshasa
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Profitable Stage
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